Organic Sprouted Wheat Flour

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Sprouted grain contains many active enzymes that aid in digestion. Vitamin C is produced through sprouting. Vitamins increase, especially B2, B5 and B6, as well as vitamins E, vitamin K, riboflavin and niacin. Beta-Carotene, the vitamin A precursor, increases dramatically. The superior nutritional value accumulated in the grain during sprouting is retained after drying and cold-milling into flour. Our air-cooled cold-milling process finely grinds the entire grain including the bran and the germ without generating heat, thus retaining all the nutrients, while giving a smooth texture. Whole wheat baked goods have a reputation for tasting bitter. The sprouting process results in amazingly tasty flour that is mild and full of flavor, with no bitterness. Bread made from sprouted wheat flour has more fiber content.

Store in cool and dry place. Its shelf Life is 9 months.



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