Jowar Flour

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English : great millet/sorghum, Bengali :Jowar, Gujarati : jowari, juar, Hindi : jowari, juar, Kannada : jola, Marathi : jowari, jondhala, Oriya : juara, Punjabi : jowar, Tamil : cholam, Telugu : jonna

Sorghum contains more antioxidants than blueberries, high protein and fiber, and no gluten which makes it a perfect dietary grain for those with celiac disease. Sorghum contains iron and niacin, or vitamin B-3. It supports metabolism and niacin helps to break down and metabolize nutrients into energy. Niacin and iron also support helathy circulation, and iron plays a role in immune function. Diabetic friendly and gluten free. When consumed regularly in diet, it promotes cardiovascular health better than other cereals.

Jowar can be used to make rotis, dosas, laddos and other recipes.


Store in cool and dry place. Its shelf Life is 6 months.



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