Wheat Crisps Spinach

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Wheat Crisps - baked crisp in 2 different flavours - none of our products have any artificial flavouring, essence, colour or additives. All natural, so its actual Spinach! specially for people who don't like their 'Roti-Sabzi' in a typical way!!   Usage: Use with a dip (maybe with a hung curd), as a canape base, can also be used in yoghurt as baked 'papri' ..or just munch away!

Q Factor: An energy source rich in fibre & iron

wheat, semolina, rock salt, edible oil, carom seeds, spinach

447.6kcal energy, 62gms carbs, 2.28 gms dietary fibre, 13.6 gms fat, 14.2 gms protein

Store in airtight container after opening. Its shelf life is 3 months.


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