Wheat Crisps Beetroot & Carrot

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Wheat Crisps - baked crisp in 2 different flavours - none of our products have any artificial flavouring, essence, colour or additives. All natural, so its actual beetroot & carrot! specially for people who don't like their 'Roti-Sabzi' in a typical way!!   Usage: Use with a dip (maybe with a hung curd), as a canape base, can also be used in yoghurt as baked 'papri' ..or just munch away!

Q Factor: An energy source rich in fibre & iron

 It contains wheat, semolina, rock salt, edible oil carom seeds beet & carrot

Nutritional Value : 1223.6kcal energy, 366.4 gms carbs, 6.9 gms dietary fibre, 28.7gms fat, 33.7 gms protein.

Store in airtight container after opening. Its shelf life is 3 months.


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