Mini Bhakharwadi

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A miniature version of the popular snacking item, the ever-popular traditional snack of Bhakarwadi. Vadodara’s legendary snacks and namkeen brands, Jagdish Farshan is a literal heaven for food snacks lovers. This famous butter mini bhakarwadi makes for an ideal serve at parties and an equally delicious munching snack on the go. Authentic flavour of rich spice blends in gram flour with butter flavor makes for a perfect teatime binging snack. The best of snacks, savouries and namkeens from the iconic namkeen brands of Gujarat, home delivered. It is made from Garlic,Bengal Gram Flour, Black Pepper, Iodized Salt, White Pepper Powder, Thymol Seeds,Clove Powder,Butter, Veg Oil,Sodium Bicarbonate, Turmeric Powder, Iodized Salt


Its shelf life is 1 Month.



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