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A popular Guajarati snack, that often finds it way into the travel bags of people. Prepared by the master chefs of Vadodara’s legendary Jagdish Farshan in a recipe that has been handed down over generations, this famous Gujarati namkeen is a complete package of great taste and crunchiness. Prepared in their state of the art manufacturing set up in Vadodara, this delicious snack mix is prepared using Bengal gram powder mixed with a select spice mix of red chilies, black pepper, lemon rind, sesame and a hint of sugar. Truly delectable in every bite. Savour the most popular namkeen mixes, snacks and savouries of Gujarat in the comfort of your homes; fresh crunchy namkeens brought straight from Baroda to your homes. It is made from Bengal Gram, Iodized Salt, Black papper,Fennel Seeds, Veg Oil.,Sesame,Sodium Bicarbonate,Garam Masala, Dry Coconut.


Its shelf life is 1 month. Store in dry place.


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