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A very popular teatime snack that offers you the perfect crunchy experience. Traditionally a spicy Gujarat snack, Bhakharwadi offers you a perfect combination of sweet, salty and spicy taste. Crafted using the finest quality ingredients in a rcipe handed down over generations, this popular savoury from Vadodara’s legendary snacks brand, Jagdish Farshan is hard to resist. Prepared using gram flour with a spicy tangy mixture of black pepper, garam masala, dry coconut and fennel seeds, this delicious snack will surely make your teatimes memorable. It is made from Bengal Gram, Iodized Salt, Black papper,Fennel Seeds, Veg Oil.,Sesame, Garlic Powder,Sodium Bicarbonate,Garam Masala, Dry Coconut.


Its shelf life is 1 month. Keep in dry place.

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