100% Raw Cacao Tea Infusion (does not contain tea)

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This fruity raw cacao infusion contains all the oils of the cacao bean giving you a rich chocolate flavour with a variety of nutrients including anti-oxidants, magnesium and anandamide. A great “pick me up” tea for mornings and afternoons.The unique soil and atmospheric conditions in South India give our beans their unique fruity and zesty flavour. Cacao in its raw state is one of the richest sources of Iron, Magnesium and Anti-Oxidants found in the plant kingdom, promotes Serotonin  build up, and is one of the only known sources of bliss Chemical Anandamide found outside of the human body. Drinking it as a tea may be not only a delicious experience, but may also have wonderful health benefits.


Its Shelf life is 2 year. Store in cool and dry place.

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